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Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government

Q1. Can I check or book quarantine hotels through other websites and platforms?
Please refer to the content of the announcement on the government’s website. Passengers are reminded not to book rooms through other websites, platforms, or unknown intermediaries, etc., to avoid being deceived or having consumption disputes.
Q2. Can the whole family enter the country from overseas live in the same room?

According to the instructions of the Central Epidemic Command Center No. 1100030488 dated 2021 April 23th, the individual who needs care are updated as follows, which is implemented from 2021 April 30th

1、Children and teenagers (<18 years old).

2、Those who are over 65 years old and cannot take care of themselves (Medical Certificate is needed).

3、 The physically and mentally handicapped (Medical Certificate is needed).

4、The physically and mentally disabled (Medical Certificate is needed).

5、People with serious injuries (Medical Certificate is needed).

6、Those who cannot take care of themselves during pregnancy as is assessed by a doctor (Medical Certificate is needed).

7、Unable to take care of themselves due to injury or illness (Medical Certificate is needed).

8、Other circumstances and are evaluated and approved by the local government (Medical Certificate is needed).

Remarks: For those who cannot take care of themselves , please consider the daily activities such as eating, washing, putting on and taking off clothes, toileting, walking, etc., which can only be completed with the assistance of others.

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