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Cancellation Policy

“Cancellation and Modification Policy”

The cancellation and modification policy of the hotel follows the “Individual Passenger Hotel Booking Standard Contract” promulgated by the Tourism Bureau, MOTC for implementation. Guests canceling the reservation shall be refunded by the hotel according to the corresponding proportion of the security deposit for return as stated in the contract.

Please accord to the government website below:


Remark: The guests are obliged to know the scheduled accommodations are only applicable for Taiwan Time (UTC+8), and may not claim with other time zones.

For matters of force majeure or other matters non-attributable to both parties that prevent the performance of the contract, the hotel shall return all security deposits and other expenses already paid to the guests.

(1) Matters of force majeure shall be based on the announcement from the Tourism Bureau, MOTC. For example, guests prohibited to enter Taiwan according to the Epidemic Prevention Act or Epidemic Prevention Competent Authority rules.

(2) Matters of force majeure unidentified by the guests. The guests should know all related risks prior to booking. For example, the continuous rise of epidemic situations and the suspended plan to return to Taiwan.

(3) Matters of common force majeure such as sudden change of flights, natural disasters hitting the departing terminals or relay terminals, government promulgated bans…etc.

The matters attributed to the guests shall be handled according to the method prescribed in item 2 of the Cancellation and Modification Policy, including but not limited to the following:

(1) The guests refuse to board due to personal considerations.

(2) The guests fail to provide the supporting data needed for boarding by law.

(3) The guests fail to acquire a visa before the trip.

(4) Other matters attributed to the guests.




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